​​Welcome to PK Musicproduction! We are a recording studio and creative space in the Hanseatic city of Rostock.
We raise your production to a professional level with years of experience working with international clients.

​Full Album Production | Songwriting | Arranging | Composition | Recording | Mixing | Mastering

​Philipp Krätzer (geb. 1989)

​Musicproducer and ​professional musician
Diploma Musician - ​Pop/World Music

​Web: www.philipp-kraetzer.de

Contact ​: philipp​_kraetzer@hotmail.de

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Orchestral Compositions for Scores and Games by Philipp Krätzer


​Latest Productions

​​Let the professional produce your song

​​​Don't leave anything to chance when producing your song or album! They say a song can change the world ... or it just doesn't have good (audio) quality. We often hear from bands and artists whose raw and unfinished songs are circulating online. Don't go to a studio just because it has a room with a microphone! Get the best out of your idea, your band.

Analog and Digital

​The philosophy behind the technical structure is simple: Analog sound quality, integrated in a modern digital environment. The times are a thing of the past when you only needed huge cabinets made of analog devices and tape machines to ensure good sound. Digital plug-ins and effects enable a quick and easy workflow. However, when recording, "real" input converters, preamps and good microphones are more than important for a good result. That's why we have fine, analog pre-amps, tube vitalizers, EQs and all-tube compressors that refine the signal flow during recording. Even when mixing and mastering, these can be easily integrated into the DAW using fire-wire technology. The result: digital diversity and analog warmth.

Example signal flow vocal recording:

Lauten Audio Oceanus LT-381 -> NEVE Preamps​ -> VariTube Tegler Audiomanufraktur -> Allen&Heath ZED R16 -> Cubase Pro

Foto: Bernd Hagedorn

​Foto: Bernd Hagedorn